2019 Call for Proposals


The deadline for proposal submission is Sunday, August 4th.  (The proposal status will be notified via email by August 30th, 2019.) To submit a proposal, click this link:


You will be asked to provide a list of presenters, a 60-word abstract that will appear in program book, and a 200-word narrative that will be used by the committee to review proposals for acceptance. Please consider submitting a proposal today.


Presentation- A 45-minute presentation including a Q&A period on IE/IR-related theoretical and/or methodological issue as well as best practices and tools to enhance IE/IR efforts. 

Panel Discussion- A 45-minute panel discussion involving 3-4 panelists who can share different perspectives on a topic relevant to IE/IR. A session may start with a brief opening statement/overview by each participant before opening up for an open discussion engaging the audience.


We welcome proposals in all IE/IR-related areas. Some areas of practice that attendees may be interested to hear presentations about include:

Institutional Effectiveness - How do you ensure that decisions are evidence-based? What is the role of institutional research in guiding and supporting institutional effectiveness practices or in providing and interpreting evidence used for decision-making?  

Assessment - How are planning and assessment carried out and aligned at all levels of the institution? How do we measure student learning outcomes and use that information to make improvements? How can Institutional Research help prepare the university to meet assessment expectations for institutional and program accreditation?

Student Outcomes - What effective actions have you taken to engage in campus decisions about student matriculation, retention, student profile, and the experiences of enrolled students.

Institutional Research Statistics, Tools & Technology - What new tools and technology has your institution successfully deployed? What benefits have you seen from changes to your data systems? What analysis strategies are working and what methods can you share?

Management & Collaboration - How are your internal operations organized for success? What can we learn about how your department or its relationship with the broader institution is evolving? What kinds of partnerships and collaborations have helped your institution prosper?


Any questions about proposal submissions can be addressed via email to Viktor Brenner ([email protected]) or Natalie Solverson ([email protected]).